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Am I able to be credentialed as a minister through this WLI Experience?

Yes! Through your coursework with NCU you can begin the credentialing process to become a minister with the Assemblies of God.

Can I participate in more than one track for my Internship Experience?

Ideally, we prefer that you prioritize one track at a time. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of that singular track experience.

Do I have to do both the Internship Experience and Academic Experience with WLI?

No, however, we encourage every student to participate in both if they have the capacity. We understand the limits of time, stage of life, etc., and we will work with you to provide the best experience possible.

Do you offer student housing?

We do not offer housing to students, however, we can work with you to find suitable rent options in the community if living at home isn’t a possibility.

What is North Central University like?

North Central University is a Christian university with
a Bible-based and Pentecostal foundation and a commitment to academic excellence. North Central prepares students to fulfill biblical models of leadership and ministry throughout the world.

What will my week look like?

The schedule of each week varies depending on the experience and track you choose. All students are encouraged to serve in some capacity at The AG Church, attend WLI student gatherings, and participate in weekly chapel and prayer. Depending on the experience and/or track selected, there may be additional office hours, events, or academic components. However, we will work with you and your schedule to create the best experience possible.

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